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IHRA Northern Nationals
Martin, MI - 8/10/03

DON: Bev and I were looking for a different angle for this race, and with great photo access, we got it - wheels up action. In the past I would have only watched the Super Stock cars, but now a days the Stockers are also making for great photos - check out the red camaro in the third row below.

I spent much of the weekend shooting video for Tami Eggleston's new product. Tami and I have worked during the Martin race for the last three years. Every year I learn a little more about how the mind works. It was a very busy weekend, between shooting video and taking photos with Bev. I think it's our best work so far.

BEVERLY: Great weekend for the races! After starting out a bit rainy, the sun came out with just a few clouds. US 131 Dragway was thundering with a record number of spectators and cars. No doubt is was fantastic to witness history in the making when Clay Millican and the Lehman racing team broke the all-time win record set by Don Garlits. Clay looked great all weekend and rolled to a sweet victory.

Tim Bell in the WV tourism sponsored car won the Sunoco Pro Stock. I was thrilled since I too am a WV native. Who would have thought of having your state sponsor you? Great job of thinking out of the box! Speaking of cool sponsors….. John “Doc” Sipple is sponsored by the Palmer Chiropractic University. He graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa. They actually set up a tent right beside of the Sipple top fuel car in the pit area, to give adjustments and massages for free! I got a massage and it was great. Thank you Nellie Powell for making my neck and back feel wonderful. What a great way to get your sponsor’s name out there. Talk about creative! There was just one small setback when the awesome Bob Motz Jet Kenworth fired up. The tent was directly behind the starting line and the force of the truck blew down the tent! They were a little shook up but everybody recovered and continued on.

You'll see some cool pictures of the head shaving event between Bobby Lagana Jr and Grant Flowers. The bet was first one in the 4’s gets to shave the head of the other. Well, Bobby made it first. It was done in fun and lots of us gathered to watch. I thought Grant looked great afterwards!

The “Sponsorship Coach” was there with his fleet and as usual had an event going on. This week it was a ride-along auctioned off for charity. His driver Tom Tilton took the highest bidder down the track. He even picked up the front end a tad at the starting line. You will find Phil getting his name mentioned at the track wherever he goes. This is what has made him so successful in his sponsorship quest. Thanks goes to Phil and his team for raising money for charity.

Great job again at US131. This is a very nice facility and it is a joy to attend the races there.

More at: www.IHRA.com

The Racing Secrets golf cart?
Finally, real access.

Ahh, your rods are hanging out
Nice looking setup
Very unique Pro-Mod
300mph??? Get me out of here
Spray in some happy juice
"Burnbox Bob" adds some class to the job
I'm glad I had ear plugs this time
Another great burnout

Mike Eggleston heats the hides...

He also broke down 10 miles from track
Funny Car burnout

Checking the sky, the hard way
Wheels up Super Stock
Nice Chevy II in Top Stock
Top Stock Corvette

In a hurry for groceries?
1st Gen Camaro
The track had awesome bite

Crewmen anxiety?

Yes, there were a ton of camaros

Grant Flowers pays up after lost bet

Don Holben in the Phil Veldheer car

I love these little Grand Ams

Bottled water for the car?
Super Stock Firebird

Top Stock Mopar

Even the Mopar truck picks the tires


More Mopars...

More Mopars...

More Mopars...
Hooters Girls want to stick it to me

Very nice late model Mopar

Ford fans, it's your turn

Great hood scoop location

Another Mustang

Lady driven Olds

For charity, this guy paid $500 for...

a wheel stand and 120mph pass
Bev, and me on the Atkins Diet
Let go of my hand sweetie

Bev gets a free message

Happy girl
K9 Cab

Scraping the track

Burning rubber
Engine blows at the finish line
Clay Millican after another great run

My mechanic Scott Brooks almost won his class

#8 cylinder gives up
Would make it to the final round

Dragster in the shut down area

Lucas Oil Dragster

Funny Car in shut down
Berger Funny Car
Nice colors

Keepin' the boys happy

Pro Mod in shut down

AC Delco Pro Stock car

Pro Stock in shut down

More Pro Stocks

Love the Pro Mods

Peace Van

Jet car

Jet truck

Notice no one standing along side of track?

Jet truck in shut down

Wheel Standers

Millican's team has trouble starting for final

Victory Surfing!

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