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Bill CataniaTitle: "Sponsorship University"
Guest: Bill Catania
Length: 61 min.
Show # 57
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About the Guest: Bill Catania is the Founder & Principal of RaceQuest.

About the Show:

  • What to do before we begin our sponsorship search
  • How to find the right companies to contact
  • How to build a list of prospects
  • Who to contact at the company
  • Getting your foot in the door
  • Cold calling
  • Best first contact method - phone, mail, in-person, etc
  • Conversation tips
  • Creating a Sponsorship Program
  • What to offer a prospective sponsor
  • The Proposal
  • The Presentation
  • Closing the deal
  • Getting commitment
  • Responding to objections
  • Managing your sponsors
  • Keeping sponsors happy
  • Getting sponsors to commit for another year
  • How does a racer set himself apart from others
  • Quickest way to get sponsored
  • Biggest mistakes people make
  • Creative team funding ideas
  • Future trends in team funding
  • Any other tips? (c) All Rights Reserved