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Charlie HayesTitle: "Sponsorship Solutions"
Guest: Charlie Hayes
Length: 62 min.
Show # 51

Interview is part of our Sponsorship Experts Series

About the Guest: Author of the Book "Get Sponsored Millennium Edition." Charlie has worked with many well known drivers and teams, including John Force, Mario Andretti and Newman-Haas Racing, and the Jim Russell Driving Schools. More recently one of his clients sold a multi million dollar drag racing program. Others he has worked with have produced sponsorship for Midget Racing, Stock Cars, Sports Cars and Motorcycle racing. Charlie is a Former Professional Race Car Driver once named in AutoWeek as among the Top Ten of all racers world wide. He is also a former Ferrari Team Driver, a Ferrari New Car Dealer, and a Business Coach with nearly 50 years of experience in marketing and sales. (He started real young!) He is also a Former National Marketing Manager for Earl's Performance, a Racing parts firm, and was responsible for managing their corporate sponsorships.

About the Show:

What to do before we begin our search
How to find the right companies to contact
How to build a list of prospects
Who to contact at the company
In your book you talk about a Research call, explain
You also talk about practice, what do you mean
Getting your foot in the door
Cold calling
Best contact first contact method - phone, mail, in-person, etc
Conversation tips
Creating a Sponsorship Program
What to offer a prospective sponsor
The Proposal
The Presentation
Closing the deal
Getting commitment
Responding to objections
You talk about Speaking the language, what do you mean

Managing your sponsors
Keeping sponsors happy
Getting sponsors to commit for another year

How does a racer set himself apart from others
Driver's Personalities
Quickest way to get sponsored
Biggest mistakes people make
Creative team funding ideas
Future trends in team funding
Recommended reading

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