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Robert VillegasTitle: "Sponsorship Insights"
Guest: Robert Villegas
Length: 61 min.
Show # 50

Interview is part of our Sponsorship Experts Series

About the Guest: During a trip to Cleveland for an Indy Car Race in the early '90s, Robert had an opportunity to meet with Jimmy Vassar and Adrian Fernandez, both up and coming race car drivers, and learned about the benefits of sponsorship and the excitement of being “in the pits” as compared to being in the stands. On the return trip, he wrote a feasibility report that was sent to his employer, UPS, where he recommended they get involved in motor sports sponsorship. The response: “UPS will never sponsor a race car.”

Needless to say, history has written a different story, and the UPS Sponsorship Program now in place has proven to be a huge success. In 1996, Mr. Villegas took his experiences at UPS and retired early to pursue both his writing aspirations and his motor sports interests. He started New Century Marketing Concepts in order to help drivers and teams obtain sponsorship. He quickly learned that what race teams needed, particularly smaller teams, were tools that could help them compete with the big corporations. Since then he has written a number of documents for precisely this purpose and compiled them into a book called “The Fundamentals of the Sponsor Search.” He has also helped teams in a number of racing series with the development of their sponsorship proposals.

About the Show:

What does a team have to do to get ready for obtaining sponsorship?
Finding prospects
Making the first contact
The presentation or sales pitch
Closing the deal
Delivering for your new sponsor
Getting them to renew every year

You talk about having a Marketing Plan, explain

5 Books every racer should read on the subject of auto racing

How can a team get the most out of their website?

What is your favorite method of obtaining sponsorship quickly?

Biggest mistakes teams make?

Future trends in team funding?

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