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Andy BozellTitle: "Short Track Success"
Guest: Andy Bozell
Length: 50 min.
Show # 048
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About the Guest: Andy Bozell was the 2004 NASCAR Heartland Regional Champion and has won seven consecutive track championships

About the Show:


  • Engine
  • Chassis
  • Brakes
  • Tires


  • Physical
  • Mental



  • How to get the most out of practice


  • Finding the fastest way around the track
  • Car Setup
  • Qualifying position
  • One lap vs. two laps

The Race:

  • Pre-race preparation
  • The start
  • From the pole
  • From inside lane
  • From outside
  • From the back
  • Patience
  • Cautions
  • Restarts
  • Changing track conditions
  • Passing - applying pressure, watching for mistakes
  • Protecting your positon
  • When to give up a position
  • Finishing the race
  • When to attack?
  • Rhythm
  • Keeping cool
  • Accidents
  • Tire management
  • Last laps

Why do you think you've been so successful?
Biggest mistakes racers make?
What are the biggest things you've learned?
Who are your driving heros?
Future driving trends?
Your son Phil has been very successful, tell us how you helped his development (c) All Rights Reserved