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Kirk Millner - Comp CamsTitle: "Picking the Right Camshaft"
Guest: Kirk Millner
Length: 71 min.
Show # 046

Interview is part of our Engine Experts Series

About the Guest: Kirk has been in the cam business since the mid-eighties. He started out grinding cams for Harold Brookshire at Ultadyne. He then left Ultradyne to help an unknown upstart cam company called Bullet Cams, there he made masters and did all the grinding. In 94' Kirk went to work for Joe Lunati. Currently he's heading up tech support for Comp Cams.

About the Show:

  • Picking the right cam
    • Variables you look at – compression, heads, converter, gear, exhaust, etc
    • Type –flat hyd, hyd roller, flat solid, roller
    • Lobe Family
    • Intake duration
    • Exhaust duration
    • Lobe separation
    • Intake centerline
    • Basecircle size
    • Core
  • Installing cam
    • Prep work
    • Installing
    • Setting intake centerline
    • Lash
  • Breaking-in cam
    • Procedures
    • Flat tappet – relationship between lobe taper and lifter crown
  • What are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to camshafts?
  • What are the future trends in cam design?

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