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Mike ChapmanTitle: "Charge Motion Porting"
Guest: Mike Chapman
Length: 65 min.
Show # 044
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About the Guest: Not only are Nascar teams looking to Mike for power, but the OEs are using him to design new cylinder heads. Circle Track magazine wrote this about Mike Chapman, “He has attained a Zen-like mastery of cylinder head port design through a lifetime of experience… his stuff wins races and championships in everything from Daytona to the short tracks near you.”

About the Show:

  • Tell us about working with the OEM
  • Working with Nascar teams
  • Rapid prototype design
  • Cylinder Heads:
    • Port design – flow modeling, by hand
    • Specific applications – stock car, drag racing, etc
    • Specific makes – sbc, bbc, sb ford, sb mopar, bb mopar
    • Charge motion / mixture motion
    • Swirl
    • Wet flow testing
    • Combustion - Reading carbon patterns
    • Velocity
    • CFM
    • CNC Porting
  • Diagnosing port problems – spray dye, listening to flowbench
  • Spark plug location
  • Head specifics (your thoughts on each)
    • Chamber
    • Seats
    • Bowl
    • Short turn
    • Roof
    • Floor
  • How does a racer get the most out of your cylinder heads?
  • Intake Manifolds:
    • Specific applications – stock car, drag racing, etc
    • Diagnosing port problems - Strobe light with grown intake while on dyno
    • Distribution – fuel trails, epoxy, fins
    • Difference between dyno and the track tuning
    • How does a racer get the most out of one of your intake manifolds?
  • Biggest mistakes people make when it comes to port design
  • Future trends in port design (c) All Rights Reserved