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Dave MorganTitle: "The Drag Chassis Professor"
Guest: Dave Morgan
Length: 76 min.
Show # 042
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About the Guest: Dave is a professor at the University of North Western Ohio, the author of the highly successful "Door Slammers Chassis Book", the former Tech Editor at NHRA's "National Dragster" and currently is the Tech Editor at IHRA's "Drag Review." Dave also travels the country giving drag racing chassis seminars. For a seminar schedule contact Dave at

About the Show:

Front Suspension:
Alignment – Toe, caster, chamber, Ackerman Effect, Bumpsteer

Rear Suspension:
Configuration (Ladder bar, four link)
Instant Center
Sway (anti-roll) bar
Best way to stop housing rotation (spring psi, pre load, sway bar, etc)

4 corner scales
Shock Dynos

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