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Phil MartinTitle: "Nascar Head & Intake Porting"
Guest: Phil Martin
Length: 76 min.
Show # 041

Interview is part of our Airflow Experts Series

About the Guest: 15 years ago Phil Martin left Canada for the world of Nascar racing. He quickly found his niche with a desire for airflow improvement.

About the Show:

How many years have you worked in Nascar?
How did you got started?

Manifold Porting:

What are your core beliefs on the subject of air flow?
Let's look at each part of the intake and get your thoughts.
Carb Flange
Runner entrance (at plenum)
Runner roof
Runner floor
Runner walls
Runner exit (at gasket)

What are your thoughts on fuel distribution?
Biggest discoveries you’ve made working on intakes?
What are the latest trends in manifold porting?


Head Porting:

How do you get the most out of a head?
How do you shape the all important short turn?
How do you diagnose poor airflow?
Low lift
Mid lift
High lift
CFM backs up at upper lifts

Where are the biggest airflow restrictions?
Let's go through each part of the head, and just give us you thought:

Short turn

Biggest mistakes in head porting?
Current trends in head porting?
Biggest discoveries you’ve made working on heads?

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