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Title: "Valve Spring Science"
Guest: Steve Bown at PSI Valve Springs
Length: 52 min.
Show # 039

Interview is part of our Engine Experts Series

About the Guest: Steve Bown is the President and Lead Engineer at PSI (Performance Springs Inc.) This company has taken the racing world by storm. Teams in Nascar, IRL and NHRA Pro Stock have won with their springs. CV Products is the exclusive distributor.

About the Show:



Configuration – you thoughts on each
Wire shape
Spring shape – beehive, etc
Number of coils

Characteristics – you thoughts on each
Seat pressure
Open pressure
Spring rate
Coil bind

Prep work

Controlling Bounce - Spin-Tron Testing

Loft over the nose – good or bad?

What have you learned from your customers?

Valvetrain weight

Getting the most out of your valve springs

Retainers – fit, etc
Spring Locaters


From Forum -----------------
If you have a spring that is the correct rate but it has an OD that is smaller than the spring pocket are locators necessary? What do you suggest?

How do you determine the fuss points or surge frequency points?

How do we obtain the premium springs (which generally have very high pressures and rates) for profiles requiring less pressure? For example, in a marine application for a BBC I may have a hyd roller cam 236*/242*@.050 and .610/.620 lift. Not a radical cam. Only requires 140# seat and 340# open, but I will run it for say 45 min at 5000 RPM. I need a bulletproof endurance spring but the competition parts don’t usually come at those rates. What are the alternatives? Special orders? What is a minimun run for a special order diameter/rate

What can be done to increase fatigue resistance? Coating/polish?

Can anyone order dirrect and whats the minimum order for a custom spring ?

What are the best quality materials for springs that don't loose pressure?

End Forum -----------------

What are the biggest mistakes racers make when it comes to valve springs?

What are the future trends in valve springs

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