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Jim Beattie of ATI Performance ProductsTitle: "Pushrod Tech"
Guest: Dennis Marshall at Smith Brothers
Length: 50 min.
Show # 038
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About the Guest: Dennis Marshall is the owner/operator at Smith Brothers Pushrods. This company has been around since the 50s and shows no signs of slowing down. You need to look no farther than the percentage of Nascar teams running their pushrods to know how they're doing.

About the Show:

How to determine what length pushrod is needed

How to determine other attributes
1-pc / 2-pc
Tubing wall
Tubing Shape – straight, taper
Spring Pressure, RPM, lash, cam profile, etc

Ends – shape, radius

Adjustable Pushrods

Other materials – Aluminum, Titanium, Composite

Oil hole

Spin-Tron Testing – controlling bounce

Stiffness – is some flex good?


Extending Pushrod life

What have you learned from your customers?

Biggest mistakes racer make when it comes to pushrods?

Future trends in pushrod design? (c) All Rights Reserved