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Harland SharpTitle: "Rocker Arm Report"
Guest: Randy Becker
Length: 43 min.
Show # 037
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About Guest: Nephew of Harland Sharp, Randy Becker is now the owner of the legendary rocker arm company. Under his leadership they have experienced tremendous growth, leading to the need for a 30,000 sq ft building and new State-Of-The-Art Equipment.

About the Show:

How does a person pick the correct rocker?
Rocker ratio
Stud size
Body width

How to get the most out of new rockers?

Picking the right push rod length?

Proper way to set lash?

Thoughts on stud girdles?

Talk to us about rocker oiling

Clearance problems:
Rocker hits valve cover
Rocker hits rocker stud

Prep before installing?
How to install?
Initial startup?
Maximizing rocker life?

Thoughts on user modifications:
Clearancing for big springs
Clearancing for stud radius

Biggest mistakes people make when it comes to rockers?
Future trends in valvetrain?

Any final thoughts on rocker arms? (c) All Rights Reserved