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Jim Beattie of ATI Performance ProductsTitle: "Torque Converter Talk"
Guest: Jim Beattie
Length: 54 min.
Show # 036
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About the Guest: Jim Beattie, entrepreneur and President of ATI Performance Products, began his career in auto mechanics in 1953 in Pennsylvania as an apprentice to a mechanic. This initial position was to spark a strain of enthusiasm that would catapult his interest in the field to such an extent that, today, he is known as the leading expert on torque converters in the country.

About the Show:

How to pick the right converter – take us through the steps
Picking the right converter when you have dyno numbers

What to do if
We want to go fast
We want to be consistent
We want to drive it on the street also
We want to use NOS
We want to use a trans-brake

If they both stall the same, which is better, a tight 8” or a loose 10”?

Converter slippage – What’s an acceptable %?

Stall speed

Lock up at long end

What effects converter performance?
Converter size
Fin angle
Internal clearances

Talk to us about the difference of loosening a converter via the Stator and the Fin angle – what happens to stall, efficiency and multiplication?

Tell us about positive and negative fin angle – what is best?

Can your customers tell what stator and fin angle his converter has from numbers stamped on the outside? (explain what numbers mean)

Proper installation


Getting the most performance out of a torque converter

Adjusting a converter after initial install

Can the trans effect the converter – 2 or 3 speed, trans pump pressure, etc

Getting the most life out of a torque converter

What kind of difference can be seen from a good converter and the perfect converter for a combination?

If you tune the converter for the best 60’ time, is that also the best 1/4 mile et?

Talk to us about shift points and fall back rpm – can the engine fall back below stall?

What about lockup converters?

Biggest mistakes racers make when it comes to converters

How does a racer know if his converter is bad?

What are you thoughts on racer using a lot of stall to make their cars consistent?

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