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Barry Grant CarburetorsTitle: "Carburetor Tuning"
Guest: Barry Grant
Length: 67 min.
Show # 035
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About the Guest: Barry Grant grew up in a Bronx housing project and had what he earnestly describes as a "less than ideal" childhood, which included spending time at a reform school. Grant's determination to overcome the initial struggles in his personal life and in his business ultimately paid huge dividends. Today, he operates Barry Grant, Inc., a conglomerate of four companies; BG Fuel Systems, Rush Filters, Demon Carburetors, and Nitrous Works from a sprawling 50,000 square-foot complex in Dahlonega, Ga., that houses 60 full-time employees. The facility features 16 CNC machines, a 2,000 horsepower dyno, a wet flow bench, and two full-time Cad-Cam Engineers.

About the Show:

Buying the right carburetor
4150 or 4500 style?

Tracking Tuning – take us through the steps
Power Valve? Blocking off?
Air Bleeds
Float level and other
Adjusting for track conditions and weather

Dyno Tuning – take us through the steps

Is a power valve more consistent?
How can we stop the car from changing et with the weather?
What about running lean?

Fixing common problems
Rough idle

Carb Spacers – open, 4-hole, specialty

Hood Scoops, cowls, air pans, etc – how much clearance is needed over top of carb?

Misc. – your thoughts
Cross Jetting
Primary / Secondary idle throttle blade position
Primary / Secondary wide open throttle blade position
Winterizing a carb (c) All Rights Reserved