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engine buildingTitle: "Drag Tire Tips"
Guest: Faron Lubbers
Length: 68 min.
Show # 034
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About the Guest: Faron Lubbers is the Product Manager for Hoosier's Drag Racing line. This includes the Quick Time line, the Quick Time Pro line, the Pro Street line, the Drag Slick and Drag Front line of tires. He has worked for Hoosier for over 24 years.

About the Show:

Picking the right tire - Size, Compound, Sidewall Stiffness, Radials, Rim Size, Transmission, Trans-Brake
Preparing for use - Mounting, Rim Screws, Tubes, Balancing
Do tires need a break in?
Using - Air Pressure, Burnout, Rotation
Track Testing
Tire Temp - What’s best?, Fender Covers, Tire Warmers
Track Temp
Traction Compounds
Tire Storage
Tire Growth
Tire Life
Lowering Drag
DOT Drag Tires
Tools – Air pressure gauges, temp gauges, durometer, etc
What are the future trends for drag tires?
Any other traction tips? (c) All Rights Reserved