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engine buildingTitle: "Piston Tech"
Guest: John Noonan, Jeff Ginter & Tony Ramos
Length: 105 min.
Show # 033

Interview is part of our Engine Experts Series

About the Guest: Jeff Ginter (Center) is the Sales Manager at JE Pistons, John Noonan (Left) Motorcycle Products Manager, who has gone 249mph at Bonneville on a motorcycle, and Tony Ramos (Right) is the Head of the Sports Compact Department. These guys had a great sense of humor and were an open book on the subject of pistons.

About the Show:

Dome shape
Skirt design, shape, finish, minor thrust, major thrust, skirt clearance
Controlling expansion
Ring seal
Anti detonation grooves
Pressure control grooves
Top ring depth from top of piston
Thoughts on piston rings
Pin offset
Oil control
Compression height - pin in oil groove
Weight reduction and lightweight piston design
Valve reliefs
Exotic materials
Pistons pins
Pin oiling
Pin locks
Gas porting
Prep work
Install tips
Initial engine start up tips
Radical configurations (2 ring pistons, etc)
What are they doing in: Nascar, Pro-Stock, F1,etc
Future trends in piston design

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