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Harland SharpTitle: "Cranks & Rods"
Guest: Robert Loftis of Eagle Rods
Length: 34 min.
Show # 030-1

Interview is part of our Engine Experts Series

About Guest: Robert Loftis is the General Manager at Eagle Specialty Products, better know as Eagle Rods. He helps set the direction of the company and has input on product design.

About the Show:

H-Beam – Pro and Con
I-Beam – Pro and Con
Pin Fit – Clearance
Rod Length – How to pick best rod length
Weight – How important to performance, how to reduce
Balancing – Proper method, where to take weight, tolerance
Prep – Getting rods ready for install
Installing – Tips for installing rods, proper torque method
Biggest mistakes people make ?
Future Trends in rod design?

Balancing – Internal, external, counter weight design, center weights
Weight - How important to performance, how to reduce
Journal sizes – smaller better?
Oiling – Windage, oil chamfer, cross drilling
Corner radius – Strength, bearing considerations
Bearing clearance
Prep – Cleaning, Block clearancing, etc
Installing – Tips for installing crank
Biggest mistakes people make?
Future trends in crank design?

Title: "Cryogenics"
Guest: Dan Wheeler
Length: 31 min.
Show # 030-2

Interview is part of our Engine Experts Series

About Guest: Dan Wheeler's Polar Bear Cryogenics has two locations, one in Kalamazoo, MI and the other in Nascar country where he works with many top teams.

About the Show:

Tell us exactly what cryogenics is.

When did you first decide that cryogenics was right for you?

How should our listeners gauge if cryogenics is right for them?

What are the top areas for using this process? (Talk about each in detail)

What are some areas you do NOT recommend?

Give us some success stories of racers using cryogenics

What are some pitfalls that our listeners should be on the lookout for, and how can they be avoided?

What’s the biggest mistake you made getting started?

What would you say is the most important thing you’ve learned?

What’s a little known secret about cryogenics?

What do you see as the next big trend?

With the amount of time you spend in Nascar country, I know you’ve got some other speed secrets for our listeners. Can we talk you into throwing a few are way?

What final words of wisdom would you like to pass on to everyone who’s listening in to this interview?

Interview is part of our Engine Experts Series (c) All Rights Reserved