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engine buildingTitle: "Lessons From Smokey"
Guest: Trish Yunick Brown
Length: 41 min.
Show # 028
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About the Guest: Trish Yunick Brown has taken a very active role in her father's legacy. In fact, I don't think it's ever been done better. Trish was nice enough to come on the show and talk about one of racing's greatest.

About the Show:

You've taken a very active role in your father's legacy, tell us about that.

Can you give us a short outline of his life?

Talk about how your father got his nickname Smokey

What is the earliest memory you have of him?

Who were the people that inspired him? Who were his heros?

In what ways was his life remarkable?

Some people say you can judge the quality of a person's life by the enemies they make. Tell us about some of his tougher relationships.

What are two or three lessons one might learn from the way he lived?

What is your most prominent memory of him?

What do you think was the secret to his success?

What was the biggest mistake he every made?

What was the difference between Smokey and the average person?

What advice would he give to today's racer?

How did he want to be remembered?

What was success to your father?

If you were to write a book titled, Smokey's 10 Steps to Success, what would the chapter titles be?

Last question, I've always wondered if Smokey's wife knew how great he was, or did she think, yea-yea-yea, just take out the trash? (c) All Rights Reserved