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engine buildingTitle: "Intake Manifold Science"
Guest: Jim McFarland
Length: 111 min.
Show # 027

Interview is part of our Airflow Experts Series

About the Guest: Jim McFarland is a true legend in the industry - it seems like he's done it all. Here's just a few; publisher at Hot Rod magazine, VP of R&D at Edelbrock and the engineering consultant at Hedman Headers. Jim has also been SEMA person of the year and elected to their hall of fame.

About the Show:

First off, what are your core beliefs on intake manifold performance?

Tell us about the different manifold designs, and the
advantages/disadvantages of each.

Give racers advice on picking the right manifold.

Let's get into the more technical stuff:

Manifold design, walk us through the steps of designing a manifold from

Manifold Porting: How do you decide size and shape? How do you do the
modification? Let's look at each part of the intake and get your thoughts.

Carb Flange
Runner entrance (at plenum)
Runner roof
Runner floor
Runner walls
Runner exit (at gasket)

What are your thoughts on fuel distribution?

What are your favorite formulas relating to intake manifolds?

What are the latest trends in manifold design?

What are the latest trends in manifold porting and modification?

What are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to manifolds?

Any other tips for racers on the subject of intake manifold air flow?

Listener Comments:

"Great interview with Jim! It was like being at AETC. I will certainly spread the word about your site to others with similar technical interests. Best of luck and continued success with the growth of this project."

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