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head portingTitle: "Bracket Racing Success"
Guest: Todd Burks
Length: 43 min.
Show # 024
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About the Guest: Todd Burks is one of the top bracket racers in the country - He cemented that in '03 with back to back IHRA and NHRA race wins. Though thrilled to win those races, Todd still prefers to run the big buck bracket races, where he's also had success.

About the Show:

How’d you get started in racing
Tell us about your path to where you are today
This year you won an IHRA and NHRA race back to back, tell us about that

Equipment – Give us your thoughts on the following:

Car type – doorslammer, dragster, etc
Engine – Combination, tuning
Trans & Converter

Preparation – Give us some tips for both:


At the track, before first round - What should racers be doing?

Let’s start in the staging lanes, move down the track and get your advice.

Staging lanes – what should we be doing here?
Starting Line - Burnout, Staging, etc
Mid Track - What should racers be doing here?
Finish Line

Give us some advice on playing it close
What are some of the games that go on?

Between rounds - Give us some advice on what we should be doing

Consistency is obviously very important

How do you keep your reaction times consistent?
How do you keep the car consistent?

Confidence – I know you’re a big believer in it’s importance – explain

How do you get yourself out of a slump?

What’s more important, the equipment or the driver?

Tell us about being hypnotized

Tell us the story of the importance of knowing the track

Let’s talk about how poor conditions (track, weather, etc) can be a good thing

Biggest mistakes racers make

Current trends

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give

Tips from other good racers you’ve known and raced with (c) All Rights Reserved