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head portingTitle: "Building Your Job Skills"
Guest: John Dodson
Length: 37 min.
Show # 023-2
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About the Guest: John Dodson has done everything from sweeping the floor for Richard Childress to his current position as Senior Education Manager with Nascar Technical Institute. He knows the racing industry as only an insider does. John give us some realistic advice on working in the industry of professional motorsports.

About the Show:

What is NTI?

What are the requirements for acceptance at NTI?

How does a student decide which classes he needs to take?

What specific jobs in the racing industry are these students prepared for?

What type of certificate/diploma are students awarded on completion?

How long does it take to achieve the required credits for graduation?

Since NTI is in partnership with NASCAR, do you have the ability to place students for employment?

Are there internships available?

What specific jobs do you train your students to do? (give a brief synopsis of each job)

In your experience, how does a person determine if he has the necessary skills to be in the racing industry for one of the well-known sanctions such as Winston Cup or Busch?

What advice do you have for the following scenarios?

Young, unskilled but willing to learn


Some skills but needs to get proper certification to work in the industry

What do job seekers need to know before they decide on a career in racing?

Is it for everybody?

What is a typical week in an engine shop for a NASCAR team?

How much traveling is required?

Can you give us some of the general hiring practices in the racing industry?

What type of employees are most teams looking for from a technical standpoint?
How can NTI help those who want to start their career or advance their career into Winston Cup?

Who would benefit the most from NTI’s programs?

Title: "Getting Your Foot in the Door"
Guest: J.D. Burton
Length: 25 min.
Show # 023-1
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About the Guest: JD Burton has made a career out of helping place the right people in the right job. Now he is more specifically working with the racing industry. JD's website is a great place to get information. Whether you are just starting a career or looking for a career change. This website can help.

About the Show:

Is a career in racing suitable for everyone?

Besides a job with an actual race team, what other types of jobs will get you involved with the racing circuit?

What types of skills/background is needed for the jobs offered by race teams?

Do you have tips for someone who does not have the necessary skills but has a particular job in mind? How do they find resources for their career path?

Are there schools to attend for training?

How does the job seeker evaluate his skills?

How do teams advertise their job openings with you?

How does a job seeker get noticed by a team?

What should the resume contain when applying for a job?

What are some of the common mistakes when writing a resume?

Should a resume be sent unsolicited to teams?

Are interviews for say, a crew member, formal? How should the job seeker dress?

How should you prepare for an interview?

Are all the good racing related jobs in North Carolina?

Are teams willing to consider employees who will have to relocate?

Since this is for some a chance of a lifetime, what should they consider before packing up the family and moving if they landed a job in the racing industry?

How can Nascarcareers help those job seekers who want to work in the racing industry? (c) All Rights Reserved