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head portingTitle: "Manufacturing Air Flow"
Guest: Peter Hill
Length: 28 min.
Show # 022-1

Interview is part of our Airflow Experts Series

About the Guest: Peter is the international sales & marketing manager for ProTopline Cylinder Heads. Don't let the title fool you, he's got a great technical understanding of air flow.

About the Show:

Air Flow Testing Tools:
Flowbench - Best? Cheapest? Building your own?
Diagnostic tools (flow balls, pressure probe, velocity probe, etc)

What are your core beliefs on air flow?

Head Porting:
Gasket - Area? Shape? Height?
Pushrod - Area? Width?
Roof - Width? Tip? Angle?
Floor - Width? Tip? Shape?
Walls - Shape?
Window - Area? Shape?
Short turn - Height? Width? Corners? Radius?
Bowl - Width side to side? Width front to back? Depth? Shape?
Guide - Shape? Height?
Seat - Shape? Transition to bowl?
Combustion chamber - Squish side? spark plug side? valve shrouding? Shape?

Diameter - How do you decide?
Face - Angle? (45', 55', etc) Width?
Back cut - Angle(s)? Width?
Shape? (Nail, Tulip, etc)

Fixing flow problems:
Poor low lift - What areas to focus?
Poor mid lift - What areas to focus?
Poor high lift - What areas to focus?
CFM backs up at upper lifts - What areas to focus?
Turbulent (noisy) - What areas to focus?
Other problems?

Duplicating your work (Templates, gauges, et)
Reverse flow - How to test? What to do?
Epoxy - When to use? How?
Welding - When to use? How?
The biggest head porting mistakes you've seen?
Intake manifold porting tips?
Current trends in porting?

Pro Top Line Specific:
Let's take Pro Top Line heads one by one and describe the modifications to
improve them.

head portingTitle: "Visual Porting"
Guest: Tom Kolimatsis
Length: 26 min.
Show # 022-2

Interview is part of our Airflow Experts Series

About the Guest: Tom is the owner of TK Race Heads in Laval QC, Canada.

About the Show:

What are your core beliefs on air flow?

Take us through the steps you take when porting a head.

What are your favorite porting tools?

How do you calculate your port dimensions?

What are your favorite air flow formulas?

How do you diagnose and fix poor air flow?
Poor low lift flow
Poor mid lift flow
Poor high lift flow

How does porting a four valve head differ from a two valve?

What are the biggest mistakes you see people make when it comes to head porting?

What are the current trends in head porting?

Any other tips for racers on the subject of air flow?

Interview is part of our Airflow Experts Series (c) All Rights Reserved