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head portingTitle: "Porting by The Numbers"
Guest: Darin Morgan
Length: 68 min.
Show # 021

Interview is part of our Airflow Experts Series

About the Guest: Darin Morgan (Head of cylinder head development at Reher Morrison) was a real joy to interview. With his motto being "There are no secrets", there's no question he won't answer. Darin gives quite a few formulas for calculating port dimensions.

About the Show:

What are your core beliefs on the subject of air flow?

How do you decide on the best port without a dyno

  • CFM
  • Velocity
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Others

How do you get the most out of a head?

How do you shape the all important short turn?

How do you diagnose poor airflow?

  • Low lift
  • Mid lift
  • High lift
  • CFM backs up at upper lifts
  • Turbulence
  • Others

How would you design a port from scratch?

What are your favorite porting tools?

How do you calculate the following?

  • Valve size needed
  • Port size needed
  • Window size needed
  • Bowl size needed
  • Seat ring ID needed
  • Others

Where are the biggest airflow restrictions?

Let's go through each part of the head, and just give us you thought:

  • Runners-
    • Floor
    • Roof
    • Sides
  • Window-
    • Short turn
    • Roof
  • Bowl-
    • Seat
    • Chamber
    • Valve

Differences in porting the intake port and exhaust port?

How to duplicate your work?

Biggest mistakes in head porting?

Current trends in head porting?

Intake Manifold porting thoughts?

Listener Comments:

"After listening to the interview with Darin Morgan I have realized there is much more to learn in regards to the art and science of induction system design from carburetor to muffler. Thanks guys for the thought provoking information."

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