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head portingTitle: "Advancing Your Driving Career"
Guest: MikeCalinoff
Length: 32 min.
Show # 019-1
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About the Guest: Mike Calinoff among many other things, is the spotter for Matt Kenseth in the NASCAR Winston Cup series. Mike is also a team owner himself with 2 cars in the Hooters Pro Cup division and a late model team in Wisconsin. Mike's company MJ Motorsports is proud to represent these 3 up and coming drivers.

In our interview Mike talked extensively about the road a driver must take to make it in the racing industry. There are no magic tricks but he tells us how to progress in the sport no matter where we are today.

Mike shares with us his knowledge gained over the past 20 years in racing. His goals today are to find and coach young drivers with real talent that need some direction.

You can find out information about Mike and also order his book "Get Into Racing" by visiting his website at

About the Show:

  • You currently work with young drivers. 2 in Hooters Pro Cup and a 19 year old in ARCA. Where did these relationships begin?
  • If someone wants to be a stock car driver, and they are not currently racing, what steps do they take?
  • What types of skills/background is needed to be a successful driver and team?
  • What is the normal progression from a local level?
  • How does a driver/team know when they are ready to move up?
  • How do they determine which series to run?
  • How expensive is it to move from one series to another?
  • How do existing teams effectively evaluate how they are doing and what improvements need to be made?
  • How are some of the new drivers in Busch and WC discovered today
  • Why are some of the veteran drivers having a hard time finding sponsorship for their teams?
  • With these veterans looking for rides, do the opportunities decrease for young drivers to work with established teams?
  • What are you able to do for young drivers trying to make it as a professional driver?
  • What type of experience should they currently possess?

head portingTitle: "How to Choose a Race School"
Guest: John Hedy
Length: 39 min.
Show # 019-2
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About the Guest: John Hedy is a web designer and also runs the successful website I interviewed John to find out what race schools are all about. He explains how to determine which program is best for you. I thought the schools were basically thrill shows for the non racer but he explains that you may want to look at the different racing school programs aimed at the serious racer. John works with all the major schools across the country.

About the Show:

  • Who are the typical customers?
  • How do these schools help those who are serious about driving? Most seem to cater to the thrill seeker.
  • What is required to drive at a school? Do you need a special license or additional insurance?
  • How does a driver determine if he needs a driving school? How old should he be? Should he/she be driving at a track already?
  • How do we know which schools can really help?
  • How many days are the driving schools and where are they?
  • How long does it take to get into a school?
  • How expensive are these schools? (c) All Rights Reserved