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head portingTitle: "Porting Professor"
Guest: Joe Mondello
Length: 131 min.
Show # 018

Interview is part of our Airflow Experts Series

About the Guest: Joe Mondello is owner of the Mondello Technical School & professor of it's porting class. Chevrolet performance cylinder heads still utilize the identical combustion chamber, which Joe designed in the early 1960's known as the "Posi-Flow" chamber. Joe Mondello designed open chamber big and small block Chevy cylinder heads and pistons long before Chevy did.

About the Show:

  • Air Flow Testing Tools:
    • Flowbench - Best? Cheapest? Building your own?
    • Diagnostic tools (flow balls, pressure probe, velocity probe, etc)
  • What are your core beliefs on air flow?
  • Head Porting: (Joes's thoughts on each area)
    • Gasket
    • Pushrod
    • Roof
    • Floor
    • Walls
    • Short turn
    • Bowl
    • Guide
    • Seat
    • Combustion chamber
  • Valves:
    • Diameter - How do you decide?
    • Face - Angle? (45', 55', etc)
    • Back cuts - Angle(s)? Width?
    • Shape?
  • Fixing flow problems:
    • Poor low lift
    • Poor mid lift
    • Poor high lift
    • CFM backs up at upper lifts
    • Turbulent (noisy)
    • Other problems?
  • Other:
    • How to Duplicate your work
    • The biggest head porting mistakes you've seen?
    • Intake manifold porting tips?
    • Current trends in porting?

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