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head portingTitle: "Drag Race Marketing"
Guest: Aaron Polburn
Length: 41 min.
Show # 014
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About the Guest: Aaron Polburn, VP of IHRA, needs no introduction. He teamed up with Bill Bader in 1998 and there has been amazing growth in IHRA since. Aaron call himself the Vice President of "stuff" because he takes care of many things from marketing to announcing. His background has given him a lot of experience in getting people interested in the sport of drag racing. He gives us some good advice to help racers continue their quest whether it's on a local or a professional level.

About the Show:

  • What were some of your most successful promotions/ideas?
  • What were some of the least successful?
  • What are those racers with sponsorship doing right?
  • What are those without sponsorship doing wrong?
  • What do you think sponsors want in return for their marketing dollars?
  • What percentage of racers, running in points with IHRA, have no sponsorship?
  • You said in an interview "We understand our valued customers, especially families, have a choice where they spend their leisure dollars,” how do you get them to make your races their choice?
  • What is your suggestion for finding the untapped sponsorship resources as a race team?
  • What are some ideas for working with the track management, especially the announcer to get your team and sponsor mentioned?
  • What is your advice for someone just starting out who wants to be the IHRA reigning champ one day? (c) All Rights Reserved