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Jere StahlTitle: "Power by Stahl"
Guest: Jere Stahl
Length: 72 min.
Show # 012

Interview is part of our Engine Experts Series

About the Guest: Jere was the first person to manufacture and sell 4 tube headers for Chevrolet engines in 1963, he invented the adapter flange concept, adjustable primaries, step headers, reversion collectors, flow booster collectors and tri-flow collectors.

About the Show:

  • How to pick the best header configuration (180, Tri-Y, Step, etc)
  • How to tune your headers at the track
  • How to tune on the dyno
  • How to get the most out of your headers
  • How to pick a good muffler
  • The latest trends in header design
  • Does scavenging exist?
  • How to pick the best dyno shop
  • How to ensure good dyno test results
  • How to build an affordable dyno
  • The biggest mistakes in dyno design
  • BSFC - What is it and how to use the numbers
  • Weather correction tips
  • The latest on inertia wheel dynos
  • How to get the best valve springs
  • The latest developments in cam design
  • How to pick the right cam
  • The latest developments in head port design
  • Jere's thoughts on port size
  • Exh% and its effect on cam and header design

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