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Title: "Marketing Your Team"
Guest: Brian Graham
Length: 30 min.
Show # 011

Interview is part of our Sponsorship Experts Series

About Brian Graham: High Performance Marketing is a bit different than many of the other firms or organizations that work in this industry.  They are the only company of this kind that specializes in smaller teams competing in local or regional level programs.

HP Marketing offers every service imaginable for getting sponsorship. They know not only what the racer needs do to get sponsorship but also what the sponsors are looking for. Brian offers us some insight into the racing industry. He tells us how to position ourselves to can get the sponsorship we need.

You will want to find out more about the packages offered by visiting their website at

About the Show:

  • The greatest challenges teams face in getting sponsorship
  • How does sponsorship differ between a pro team and a local racer
  • How to create an image that will appeal to all types of sponsors
  • Common sponsorship search mistakes
  • How to learn about marketing when all you know is racing
  • How to use team merchandise
  • Ideas for at the track promotions
  • Steps to obtaining sponsorship

head portingTitle: "Creative Team Funding"
Guest: Jim Switzer
Length: 29 min.
Show # 011

Interview is part of our Sponsorship Experts Series

About Jim Switzer: Racing is a site where you can find hats, t-shirts, decals, watches... You name it!

Jim Switzer talks about how to create team funding using the experience he has obtained from creating this great site. Sponsorship is a hot topic but Jim gives us a whole new prospective. He tells us how to create a successful web business while promoting our race team.

As an added bonus Jim's site also sponsors a race team and we talk about how that partnership came about. Check out Jim's site and listen to this great interview.

About the Show:

  • As a sponsor, what do you expect to get out of partnering with a race team?
  • What are some mistakes you see teams make when it comes to securing sponsorship funding for their team?
  • How involved are you with the actual races?
  • Besides sponsorship and self-funding, give us some ideas on how racers can fund their teams.
  • What is involved in creating a website if the team doesn't already have one?
  • How much does it cost to have and maintain a website?
  • How much time will it take to maintain it?
  • What is the best methods of promoting a team website?
  • What are some things that can be done at the track to make money for the team?
  • Give us the steps you have taken to create a successful web business. (c) All Rights Reserved