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drivingTitle: "Raising a Winner"
Guest: The Kinnett Family
Length: 67 min.
Show # 010
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About the Guest: Joey is a 9 year old racing quarter midget cars. He began racing carts at age 4. Joey's parents Cathy and Gary are very involved in his racing career and they talk about the ups and downs of having one so young in this sport.

His start in Karts came when his Dad bought one and put it together for him. The first year Gary raced also so he could get a feel for what Joey would be doing. Cathy was scared for her son's safety but soon felt that it was safer than riding a bike since there is so much safety equipment required for these young racers. Joey's parents say that the best thing about racing is working together as a family and meeting some of the other great families in
the sport.

Joey has been featured in USA Today and many other publications. He is very dedicated to racing but also loves basketball and golf. You can read about all of his triumphs on his website.

About the Show:

Joey - driver
Why are you interested in racing? How did you get started?
What things do your parents do that helps you?
What things should parents do to help their kids get started and keep them going in sports?
How does it feel to have won races and trophies?
How do you deal with losing a race?
How do you think your parents feel when you lose a race? Win a race?
How do you do with schoolwork?
Do you want to play other sports?
What are your future plans for racing?

Cathy - mom
What do you see as the primary benefits of being involved in racing?
How did you feel when Joey started racing?
What do you do at the racetrack?
How much time is spent during the week on Joey’s racing?
How you are going to deal with the inevitable losses? How do you feel if Joey is down or disappointed? What types of things do you do to build him up while helping him to understand this is a part of life?
As a Mom, do you ever feel like Joey is being pushed too hard or he is just too stressed?
Does he ever say “I don’t want to do this anymore” ? What would you do if he did?
How you will define success for Joey?
What advice would you give parents who want to get their 5 year old into racing?

Gary - dad
How did all this start? What was your background in racing?
Who was the primary force for Joey? Did he have the desire from the beginning or did the bug hit him after he tried it?
Does Joey play any other sports?
What did you do to encourage him(if anything) to race?
What do you do now on a regular basis to keep him motivated?
What challenges have you faced because of Joey’s young age? (c) All Rights Reserved