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head portingTitle: "Header Technology"
Guest: Mark Lelchook
Length: 71 min.
Show # 009
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About the Guest: Mark is the owner of Performance Welding Racing Headers of Foresthill, CA. Mark's hearders have been very successful in one of drag racing's most competitive classes - competition eliminator.

About the Show:

  • How to decide which header style to run -- 4 into 1, Tri-Y, 180, etc
  • How a conventional header works
  • How a Tri-Y header works
  • Are merge collectors worth it?
  • Mild steel versus stainless steal
  • How to select primary tube diameter
  • How to select primary tube length
  • How to select the dimensions of the collector
  • With step headers, how do you decide where to put the step
  • Are equal length headers important?
  • What shape does the beginning of the primary tube need to be
  • How can someone build their own headers
  • How to get the most out of your headers
  • The biggest mistakes racers make when it comes to headers
  • What are the current trends in header design (c) All Rights Reserved