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head portingTitle: "Confessions of a Head Porter"
Guest: Ron Melville
Length: 35 min.
Show # 008
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About the Guest: Ron Melville is the owner of Air Flow Design in Los Angeles, CA has been porting heads since he was 16. With a degree and experience in aviation and aeronautics, Ron has a solid understanding of air flow.

About the Show:

  • How to pick the right cylinder head.
  • Who should port their own heads.
  • How a racer can port his own heads.
  • How to work with a head porter for better results.
  • How to do finish work on CNC heads.
  • "Z Flow" What is it and how to apply it.
  • How to get a good valve job.
  • When you've got to cheat up your heads. (c) All Rights Reserved