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Title: "On the Hunt"
Guest: Andrew Waite
Length: 49 min.
Show # 007

Interview is part of our Sponsorship Experts Series

About the Guest: Andrew Waite is the president of NEXZUS Motorsports Marketing, Inc.NEXZUS represents drivers, teams and sponsors seeking productive marketing partnerships using motor sports as the compelling theme.Prior to entering motorsports, Andrew lead a sales organization for a major computer vendor, founded and successfully sold a short run trade publication and is the author of the best selling trade book, "The Inbound Telephone Call Center." Andrew also co-authored Scott Pruett’s "Defining Motorsports," a pocket guide to motorsports terminology. Andrew has also written the very successful book on getting sponsorship "The Great Money Hunt". Since becoming involved with motorsports, Andrew has produced substantial funding for drivers and teams and successfully introduced a number of new sponsors to the sport.

About the Show:

  • The most important element in obtaining sponsorship
  • The common mistakes racers make.
  • Where to look for sponsors.
  • How to make the first contact.
  • What do you say on the phone.
  • What do you say in person.
  • How to get past the secretary/receptionist.
  • How to get them to see you in person.
  • How to prepare for the first meeting.
  • How to find the decision maker.
  • How to combat common objections.
  • How to best utilize your proposal.
  • How to impress with your presentation.
  • How to get them to close.
  • How to keep the sponsor coming back year after year.

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