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Title: "Driving Career Tips"
Guest: Robert Prevost
Length: 61 min.
Show # 006
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About the Guest: Robert Prevost, Founder, President and CEO of IME Corp. is a veteran race car driver who has driven many different types of race cars over the years including Karts, GT Sportscars, Stockcars and modern day Formula One cars. He spent nearly a decade with the Skip Barber Racing School as their Director of Corporate Sales successfully developing the model for Motorsports based corporate entertainment programs that has been embraced today by just about every racing school in America.'s site is the world's largest single source of auto racing school information featuring links to over 100 racing school operators worldwide and over 250 motorsports related sites. Because he has worked extensively with this industry, Robert is able to give very good information for those wannabe drivers. In addition, he also created to help those who want to work with the racing schools or in the racing industry.

About the Show:

  • How do racers get started.
  • The first steps a teenager should take.
  • How do drivers move up to the next level.
  • What makes a great driver.
  • How much time to spend working on your skills.
  • How to get discovered.
  • Mistakes drivers make that can stall their careers.
  • When to stop driving your own car and look for a team owner.
  • When does a driver know he/she is ready to move to the next level.
  • Where's the best place to look for non driving jobs in racing.
  • What background is needed to become a crew member.
  • How should any job in racing be approached. (c) All Rights Reserved