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Title: "The Sponsorship Coach"
Guest: Phil Veldheer
Length: 41 min.
Show # 003

Interview is part of our Sponsorship Experts Series

About the Guest: Phil Veldheer is without a doubt the most successful amatuer team owner in auto racing. While working a full time job, Phil is still able to run a five car team, and runs it without any of his own money. We could all learn a ton from what he's done.

Author Products: The Sponsorship Coach Super Package

About the Show:

  • How to get on the cover of major publications
  • How to get articles written about you and your team
  • How to write for publications
  • How to deliver for your sponsors
  • How to build a multi-car team
  • How to get organized
  • What to do in the off-season
  • Planning for next season
  • How to get your sponsors to sign up for next year
  • How to get your first sponsor

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