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The Great Money Hunt - 6th Edition
An Insiders Practical Guide to Raising Motor Racing Sponsorship

The days of "Buddy, can you spare a motorsports dime," are over. To win sponsors you must work out what they do, how they do it. Then, how you can help them do more of it better, with your race program. This book is here to help. It is a compilation of ideas from many sources. It is a collection of basic business rules and common sense. It’s designed to help you, the racer, build a business style and argument to attract sponsors into the sport so you can go racing. Then after getting them aboard, keeping them in the sport by delivering the value in the form of measurable business returns.

The Great Money Hunt
Author - Andrew Waite
Book - (6th Edition)
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  • Over 25,000 copies sold
  • 400+ pages
  • Sponsorship campaign strategy workbook with proposals, justifications and other corrospondence.
  • How to beat back objections
  • Case studies
  • Sample corrospondence
  • And tons more...


First, I am frequently asked why I am so free with my ideas, opinions and strategies. I never found that being secretive with ideas gains anybody anything. Someone who offers help and positions themselves as having some special skill they won’t disclose, is typically hiding nothing except mediocrity. Ideas are free. It is the effort and grind necessary to make them work, that is worth something. That’s the magic.

Secondly, many of these ideas I have come across working with drivers and teams. Remember, taking an ideas form one person without attribution is theft, borrowing an ideas from tow; plagiarism, but taking many ideas from many sources is research. You will learn to research!


"Buy this book fast" - National Speed Sport News
"A highly interesting and useful work" - OnTrack Magazine
"Essential information for the serious racer" - Stock Car Magazine

Ideas are free. Implementation is a bitch! You have to want it badly enough and then go out and do it. On the track and off. Go through the whole grind. I hope this book helps you build a better budget, a better plan, more marketing partners and better your racing program. All levels of the sport desperately need well funded, businesslike racing programs.

Good luck. I hope you can have as much fun in this business as I am.

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Andrew Waite is the president of NEXZUS Motorsports Marketing, Inc. NEXZUS represents drivers, teams and sponsors seeking productive marketing partnerships using motor sports as the compelling them.

Prior to entering motorsports, Andrew lead a sales organization for a major computer vendor, founded and successfully sold a short run trade publication and is the author of the best selling trade book, "The Inbound Telephone Call Center." Andrew also co-authored Scott Pruett’s "Defining Motorsports," a pocket guide to motorsports terminology.

Since becoming involved with motorsports two years ago, Andrew has produced substantial funding for drivers and teams and successfully introduced a number of new sponsors to the sport. He was instrumental in assisting the 1992 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year in attaining their dream. (c) All Rights Reserved