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Get Sponsored!
How to Find the Money You Need to race and WIN

THE single most frustrating and challenging I confronted in my 50 years in Motorsports is the money search. Getting sponsored! I learned a lot the hard way.

But to race, it was WORTH IT.

My book is intended to be my gift back to the sport I adore ... in the hope that it will help YOU ... a Fellow Racer ... GET the money YOU need to race and WIN.

About Charlie's book:

How to create a sponsorship program, with a 7-step approach. Finding prospects and getting in the door, designing and writing a program, sample correspondence, contract agreements. Detailed and comprehensive. 165 pages and "Racer Friendly" ... very easy to use.

Get Sponsored!
Author - Charlie Hayes
Book - (Latest Edition)
Contents - (1) Book and (1) Audio CD
or (1) pdf eBook and (4) MP3s

Order Printed Book & CD: Price - $59

Downloadable ebook & mp3s: Price - $39

Get Sponsored Book

Table of Contents:

Chapter one:
The basics
What is motorsports sponsorship

Chapter two:
Why would a company sponsor your program
What do i need to know? And what do i do

Chapter three:
Commitment and the power of your word in the world
Designing your life and your racing career
Requests, promises, assertions and declarations
Requests & promises - in summary
Declaring and asserting
This is your wakeup call
Entrepreneurs & visionaries
Key point
Designing the future
Creating a purpose - for your racing, for your life
Translating these principles to marketing motorsports sponsorship
Creating your career
Making powerful offers
Inventing the world

Chapter four:
Doing it: step by step
Before you begin
Practice, learn, get coached, practice, learn
Step one: identify the most likely sponsors for your program
Critical: how do you set yourself apart from the scores of other racers seeking sponsors? Create your own uniqueness
Where to find that business or corporate sponsor
Local businesses
Sources of sponsoring companies
Step two: build your target list
Sample data
The point is, you are a bargain
About your budgets
Step three: finding the right person: ask, don't assume
The research call
Step four: debrief! Then, practice, learn, get coached, practice learn, debrief ... For life
Readers are achievers
Step five: your first contact! Getting in the door
You designed your uniqueness. Now create a unique program for the company
Be friendly, and be excited
You are “in the door” - now what? Offers for action
“what if” as an opening for offers and actions
The structure for designing a project
The key to designing the project
Get ready to rock

Chapter five:
The design conversation
Step six: the seven key questions for designing the project
The essential element of our approach
The seven questions, in brief
Taking charge
Menus for actions you can offer
Getting offers “on the mat
Where the action is! Offers & prompts
Two design methods
Summarizing making offers for action
The money issue
Where can we take action to promote a sponsor
Step seven: sending out the presentation booklet and proposal
Don't send the presentation too soon

Chapter six:
Easy closing, by design
Step eight: signing the sponsorship contract
Operating principle: closing is natural when you design the project correctly
The power close: no force

Chapter seven:
The seven deadly sins in seeking sponsors
Listening is ninety percent of marketing anything effectively - especially motorsports

Chapter eight:
The top ten tips to help you get sponsored

Chapter nine:
The ten most frequently asked questions from racers looking for sponsors

Chapter ten:
Samples and examples
Sample letters

Chapter eleven:
What's different in the new millennium?
How does the “new economy” affect selling motorsports sponsorship
Dot coms and shaky markets
How do i avoid disaster
The growth of motorsports & sponsorships

Appendix one: books & other recommendations
A few terrific books
Seminars, workshops, coaches
Special mention: landmark education corporation

Appendix two: sample contract & agreement

What people are saying:

"I got my McDonalds sponsorship using your tools . . ."
Greg Carr, Late Model owner/driver

"Trying to sell sponsorship without Charlie's book is like entering into a knife fight armed with a Popsicle stick"
Another quote from Sports Car driver and former Motor Trend editor Mac DeMere

"The best stuff on sponsorship I have ever seen"
Frank Oglesby, former Mello Yello team owner and NHRA car owner

"I wanted you to be the first to know I got sponsored!"
Jeff Sands (USAC Midgets) and Several Others

"Thanks to you, we have already landed our first project sponsor!"
Joe Perron, Special Courtesy Transport Company

"With your help, I have sponsorship for my Road Race car !"
Jim Lombardo, SCCA Racer

"I did close Fujitsu - Thanks! Your program really works!"
Ron Burger, Indy Racing League

"Essential for racers who want sponsors!"
Mac DeMere, former Motor Trend road test editor and winning road racer, now with Michelin

"I could not have done it without you. Thanks!"
Milt Gedo, Drag Racer, NHRA driver and now author of sponsor help books himself

Get Sponsored!
Author - Charlie Hayes
Book - (Latest Edition)
Contents - (1) Book and (1) Audio CD
or (1) pdf eBook and (4) MP3s

Order Printed Book & CD: Price - $59

Downloadable ebook & mp3s: Price - $39

Get Sponsored Book


Charlie Hayes is a Former National Marketing Manager, a former Ferrari New Car Dealer, and a Business Coach with 50 years of experience in marketing and sales. His strong suit is TEACHING other Racers how to Close Sponsorship Deals FAST. He's a former Professional Racing Driver once named as one of the Top Ten of all racing drivers Worldwide.. (c) All Rights Reserved