Super 7 retainers

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Re: Super 7 retainers

Post by MadBill » Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:28 pm

Think how tough it would have been with sevens! (if they hadn't already pulled through the retainers.)
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Re: Super 7 retainers

Post by ZEOHSIX » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:41 am

Super 7 is the REAL DEAL for endurance race motors. My buddy who has forgotten far more than I will ever know and builds champion USAC Midget and V8 Sprint car motors that spin over 9000RPMs every event uses only Super 7 hardware in his builds and told me 10degree stuff doesn't have the "purchase" that a Super 7 retainer has...Super 7 has a far better grip/lock on the valve stem and is less likely to fail compared to 10 degree stuff which is why I had to frantically search for Super 7 valve lock hardware for an 8mm bead lock stem once and spend $96 at CV products for said valve locks.....Just to keep my buddy happy on a 8200RPM build....he was selling me some really trick tool steel retainers that had proven to not be up to the task in a 9200RPM Silver Crown V8 application.....$160/set for some really nice and light retainers that never flake metal into the oil system like Ti stuff. My buddy uses Super 7 "top lock" hardware almost exclusively now on all his builds.....including a 400 cu/in Aussie Pro Stock motor....11,500RPMs.....

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