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Top Fuel Funding

Post by dragula » Sat Sep 30, 2006 10:17 am

A couple of us guys went in on a limited Top Alky car, and before the car is even finished it is decided now that, if were going to spend the time and money, lets go fuel racing.

So, here's the kicker.

The other guys in on this deal are all VERY busy with their companies. But they still want to go fuel racing, but thier time is very limited at the moment.

So they tell me, being the only one with fuel car experience, "Hey Matt, why dont you head this up"

Sounds good in theory, but the problem is im only 21 and have limited experience at best in the business world.

We already have a tractor trailer, support equipment, and knowledgable enough people to make this work. And even buying the cars and motors arent the big issue. Ive already got one company to commit to a SIZEABLE deal already.

However, to do this 100%, I know I need the big money to run a full schedule. My plan is to be running the full 08 schedule.

I have developed and angle on sponsorship that nobody has done yet and I and my partners believe would be VERY succesful.

I am headed to the Richmond race to start getting a proper cost analysis of the actual operating yearly cost to run this program.

Long story short, I need recommendations on how to go about presenting this idea to a company in a professional manner. This means running the idea by someone experienced in this field, but also someone that can be trusted and wont let the preverbial cat out of the bag.

Would I be better off talking to another teams people?
Or do you think thats to risky?

If anyone on here has reccomendations or would like to share some advice, please reply or contact me at 941-626-4715 anytime.
Thanks for your time, Matt Shaw


Post by Cobra » Wed Oct 11, 2006 8:17 pm

dragula- sorry no one answered your question. You need a sound business plan for presentation to potential backers. You will be starting a business, and as such, must base your decisions on good business practice. Are you planning a Top Fuel dragster? There are only a few competitive Top Fuel teams in existence. You will basically be destroying equipment with every run down the strip. Top teams have millions of dollars in their operations. Backers want to see a return on their investment and will be reluctant to sponsor an unknown team. Speak to one of the Top Fuel team owners- they will tell you the truth! Best of luck!


Post by dragula » Thu Oct 19, 2006 8:31 pm

Spoke with David Powers last week. 150,000 a race, not including parts/car. 3.3 mil a year. Bad thing is now I might have a pro-stock deal coming together as well. :lol:

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Post by ROGUE GTS » Sat Oct 28, 2006 7:38 pm

dragula wrote:Spoke with David Powers last week. 150,000 a race, not including parts/car. 3.3 mil a year. Bad thing is now I might have a pro-stock deal coming together as well. :lol:
I take it thats just to fund the race circuit, not counting the extensive testing, shop space, crew salary, etc. It seems like a pretty substantial money pit on the back end.

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