Geo metro piston vs a BBC intake valve

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Re: Geo metro piston vs a BBC intake valve

Post by In-Tech » Sat Feb 06, 2016 2:49 am

mk e wrote:
englertracing wrote:
mk e wrote: That's not a valve....this is a VALVE!

4.25" !...... and is an exhaust........from a 4V engine :)

what are you doing with that thing?
i put it on the was a Christmas present from a guy I know. He works in shipping and there was an unclaimed shipment, when he opened it there were 12 of these inside so he grabbed them rather than scrapping them. Now they are presents/awards for pure stupidity in the world of engines......I "won" one for the frankenferrari :)
Lmao, I want one for the wall of shame so when asked "should we put bigger valves in it?" I could just point :mrgreen:
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