Sunnen Hone Power Stroke MBB 1690 C

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Sunnen Hone Power Stroke MBB 1690 C

Post by gofaster » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:08 am

Sunnen Hone Power Stroke MBB 1690 C with complete tooling for Harley Davidson Engines

Ready to go to work, just add honing oil
The hone is loaded on a pallet and shrink wrapped, after removing honing oil and thoroughly cleaning.
I have a fork lift and can load it on your truck
This hone was used in my shop to work on motorcycle engines, primarily Harleys.
Included with the machine:
AN-600 for engine cylinders from 2.5" to 5.5"
IPL-1625 for connecting rod big end
Y20-838 for Evo tappet blocks
Y20-713 for Panhead, Shovelhead, Iron XL tappet blocks, and wrist pin bushings
ALR-720 wrist pin bushing expander
LJ-557 for Evo, Twin Cam, Panhead, Shovelhead, and Iron XL rocker arm bushings
K12-370 Panhead and Shovelhead valve guides
K8-300 for Evo, early Twin Cam, and Iron XL valve guides
K8-265 for late Twin Cam valve guides
There are a lot of stones included for the smaller mandrels.
In addition, there are other complete mandrels:
2) 5ML-906
2) 4PL-1084

There are also various power stroke attachments and the original manual
Currently wired for 220v for the main motor, and 110v for the coolant pump and work light

This machine has a single phase (household current) dual voltage motor, so you can run it on 220v or 110v with just a simple wiring switch at the motor.
The machine is located in Northwest Indiana
PM me for more pictures or information
Jim McMahon

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