Poland pokes the IPCC in the eye

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Poland pokes the IPCC in the eye

Post by gmrocket » Thu Dec 13, 2018 9:25 am

COP24 on climate change is being hosted right now in Katowice Poland.

I'm not sure if the 20 plus thousand who are attending this cult bash know what they got themselves into..or realize how idiotic they look.. thank you Poland!!

Katowice is one of the biggest and proudest coal producers in Europe!

The major venue for the conference is on top of a reclaimed coal mine!

They were greeted at the opening ceremony by the local coal miners band!

Right next to the venue , there is a very large museum.. on COAL. Ya, a coal museum that explains the history and how it has contributed to make Poland great!

The cultists,, oops, I mean the delegates are bussed to and from events by buses with banners and signs that say the bus is powered by fossil fuel!!

The large temporary tents are being pumped full of warm air run by diesel generators!

I live this kind of quiet, go fvck yourself stuff ,the climate changers don't even realize is happening...yet normal people see it and laugh. Then rightfully completely ignore everythe COP24 says

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