Trump, Pelosi, Schumer meeting.

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Dave Koehler
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Trump, Pelosi, Schumer meeting.

Post by Dave Koehler » Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:07 pm

That little meeting the the oval office between the 3 of them plus Pence was unique but ultimately nothing came of it other than comedians having a field day.
I did think the premise was promising.
I wonder if they had a private breakfast every Monday morning if they could eventually get all the grumpy me first BS out of their systems and actually figure something,... anything out for the good of the country.
Probably not because it would all fall apart after tweets from all parties. They just can't help themselves.
Oh well, one can dream.
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Re: Trump, Pelosi, Schumer meeting.

Post by In-Tech » Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:35 pm

I think Pelosi had a starbucks drink with a plastic straw in it. :shock: :lol:
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Re: Trump, Pelosi, Schumer meeting.

Post by j-c-c » Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:57 pm

1. Pelosi, of the three speaking, was the one who actually holds the best playing hand.
2. Not sure if this was a DT intended ambush, that blew up.
3. make sure if you watch it, you listen carefully at the end as the WH female? staffer screams for the press to "get Out"
4. Based on #3 , the staff seem to be overwhelmed with DT train wrecks IMO
5. Biggest takeaway, Pence, the guy who can't be fired, he is effectively/potentially the second most powerful man in the US, did not utter a single word, did not share even an obvious gesture for the duration, he is in line of succession if DT goes away for any reason. I would think if indeed he has a set, he would say something, or stand up, and say "when you get past your bickering, I'll be down the hall in my office", or interject, "is there something we we can fine tune that we all are partly are in agreement with", or SOMETHING that shows an inkling of leadership?
6. Pelosi and crew would have been well served if at the first opportunity, if she had simply stood up, and said "this is very important, and we can get down to basics WHEN the press ("enemy of the people"?) leaves". It was like visiting your girlfriends house and seeing her parents and an ex-spouse have a drawn out fight, in front of the kids.
7. The entire world has got to be shaking their head.

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