CBS' Garrett: More access to Trump than Obama, Bush, 'we see him all the time'

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CBS' Garrett: More access to Trump than Obama, Bush, 'we see him all the time'

Post by 1989TransAm » Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:06 am

I have noticed this too. President Bush is always talking to the press. When you are telling the truth you have nothing to hide. :mrgreen:

"CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett doesn’t buy the portrayal of President Trump as an enemy of the media and a chief executive who has eliminated access for journalists.

“He loves us, and he hates us, and he loves us,” he said with a laugh.

“There is more access to this president than there was to Obama. We see him all the time. He takes questions a lot,” Garrett said. “We see him and interact with him and punch in questions with far more frequency than with Obama. Probably more so than for W. Bush,” he added.
Much more a student of the White House than a critic, Garrett however said that having access doesn’t make it easier to cover the president’s White House.

“It wears me out,” he told Secrets in an interview to talk about his latest insightful book, Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride .
While other presidents were more methodical and followed a standard path to making policy, Garrett said that Trump is sometimes impatient, and pushes for change with his morning tweets that forces his bureaucracy to catch up.

In other cases, policy will be developed through the normal channels, but then Trump will junk it when it reaches his desk.
As a result, Garrett said that he now is far more cautious than others before reporting on Trump decisions.
“I’m so careful about what’s proposed, what’s considered, what’s talked about. You get a lot of loose descriptions of things that are under discussion, or moving toward,” he said."

(Excerpt)

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