Alaska crushes record for hottest December as Arctic sea ice hits record low

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Re: Alaska crushes record for hottest December as Arctic sea ice hits record low

Post by Ratu » Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:16 pm


The sky is not falling, despite what is being claimed by scientistic fraudsters. Climate changes occur in nature. Some of the cycles occur over extended periods of time like centuries or aeons. Man's recorded data is of an extremely short term and much of it is of questionable accuracy or relevance. Still, if the subject is of such import to you, then you ought to be carefully considering the fact that solar output is declining rapidly as the Sun goes into a quiescent phase of its cycle. Solar output is the #1 driver of the Earth climate.

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Re: Alaska crushes record for hottest December as Arctic sea ice hits record low

Post by exhaustgases » Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:27 pm

rebelrouser wrote:
Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:06 pm
exhaustgases wrote:
Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:40 pm
rebelrouser wrote:
Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:59 pm
I seldom post political stuff, but any person who does not take the time to read and understand what the climate scientists are saying about our planet, are doing a lot of damage not to themselves but the lives of their children and grand children, who will live in the mess we have created. I like fast cars, and all the other neat stuff we have in the USA. But we have to at some point realize what our consumption and pollution is doing to the planet. I have been able to travel a little, and I have seen bleached reefs, dying trees in the appalachian mountians, burnt forests in the west, I know that acid rain is why my swimming pool changes PH every time it rains. The signs are everywhere if you just look. Climate change is not as simple as its getting hotter or colder, the climate is much more complex, most of it has to do with energy in the climate system and ocean currents driven by the gain in heat. Some places will get hotter some places will get colder, some wetter, some dryer, I live in Missouri my buddy has a farm on the river, the home went 75 years and was never flooded, it has flooded 4 times in the last 8 years, bad luck? No climate change. My main worry is the effort it takes to reverse something like climate change will take 100 years, changing course every election cycle will never solve the problem. Our future generations may be doomed because of our ignorance. Science is not perfect, but most of the things in life that we enjoy it has brought us, so why deny science when it is trying to tell us that we have screwed up? Nature will take its course, animals that over breed and stress resources are dealt with by the laws of nature, which we are not immune from. Science has given us the tools to hold off nature, and shape it to our will---- for a while.
So where and who educated said climate scientists, that is the first question you need to ask. The second question is who is paying them? The third question is what is there favorite political affiliation?
I do agree there is climate change, but the cause is not the lie we are all told. 2 things are the cause, 1 astrophysical alignments of planets and sun, 2 major climate engineering to help play on the natural cause and enhance its effects. If you believe anything else you then are a member of the Marxist socialist communist demo c rat climate change religion party. And your religious belief is used to support and bring in the global agendas.
So where do you stand?
Real science is based on proof and peer review, politics should not be part of the process. But having said that, let just not even consider climate change at all. Fossil fuel is a resource that is going to run out one day. It is not replenished. We use oil for lots more than heating our homes and running our cars. Petro chemical, plastics, you name the product and 99% have some component that comes from oil. So how long should the human race plan to be on the planet? Should we just keep on burning oil and let our grandchildren worry about how they will live? Our society would be a lot better off if we stop all these weird consiracy theories and put a little more energy into determining the TRUTH about how things work. During the middle ages in Europe they called this the enlightenment, when we started using science instead of superstition to explain the world.
The term "fossil fuel" is the Marxist socialist communist demo c rat climate change religionist, INVENTED TERM. The correct term is Mineral oil or fuel. And since it takes high temperatures and pressures to create it from the minerals, it is a totally renewable resource. There are no fossils miles deep in the earths crust. None of the materials from decaying animals will go past the glacial till it is like concrete. Then there is the layers of clays and rock. The decay process on the face of the earth will make sure none of it gets there.
The peer review you speak of is a bunch of Marxist educated idiots that all have the same world domination agenda. They refuse to hear "Real" science in the matter. The sun is not allowed to be talked about in their "Real" science studies. So that real science you speak of is just "fake" science. The proof you speak of is doctored proof, all lies to support the narrative and lies. In the end it all is nothing to concern yourself with the almighty god will fix it. Besides if you are so concerned about the environment it is not petro stuff that is the problem it is the secret stuff you don't hear about that is the problem. Fukushima is the real problem as are other such places. Wake up. Burning oil will not harm your children its radioactive crap that will take them all out.
Conspiracy theory's? If you watched the right news and or really studied stuff instead of being told how to think, you would see that it is all conspiracy fact now its in your face. Its all to brain wash and control, and its been hidden for years. And is why the crooked bunch is so crazy against Trump, he is ruining their plans for us.

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