New Unused Parts 441 SC-1 SBF, dry sump only

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New Unused Parts 441 SC-1 SBF, dry sump only

Post by Stevespeed » Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:40 pm

Spring cleaning. Offroad trophy truck project that got shelved. Selling a complete engine seems to get pennies on the dollar. Will finish, sell complete, or anticipate easier to sell as unused parts. Application is high torque, dry sump, race gas engine that will be running just as strong after a 1000+ mile Baja 1000 race as it did at the start.
Custom Braswell carb 1.790 blades 1.560 venturi.
Edelbrock 2939 intake ported to match heads by Marty Zimmerman, ex Evernham manifold porter.
Chapman Ford 255 SC-1 RI CNC ported heads, trophy truck / torque specific port program.
Ferrea 2.15×5/16, 1.60 ×11/32 custom beadlock stainless valves (titanium doesn't like dirt).
Isky 9968 RAD valvesprings.
T&D 7150 STEEL shaft rockers, 1.7×1.6, spring oilers, needle brg tips.
Comp Cams 55mm custom cam, 262-270, 107°.
Isky 3972-RH EZX bushing roller lifters.
Roush HyVo timing set. Ernie Elliot timing cover.
Dart Iron Eagle block, 55mm sleeve brg cam tunnel,
4.125 bore, caps settled, line honed, piston oilers.
Diamond custom pistons, Maxi-Lite internal milled, moly coated skirts, H-13 .165 wall pins, double pin oilers, 1.230 CH, oil ring not in pin bore, 13.0:1.
Total Seal AP steel rings, 1/16×1/16×3mm.
Dyers 300M rods, 6.200, ARP CA 625+ bolt upgrade.
Bryant billet crank, 4.125 stroke, center counterweights, gun drilled, 351C main, 2.100 pin,
balanced by Jack Cornett Racing Engines.
Crank is installed but program stopped there. Open
for offers on complete or as pieces but it has to make sense. My engines have won multiple Baja 500 and Baja 1000 races. I can finish it for you. Reliability is job #1

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