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Two (2) Mopar RB M1 4150 Single-Plane Intakes

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Two (2) Mopar RB M1 4150 Single-Plane Intakes

Postby BradH » Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:08 pm

I currently have two (2) Mopar Performance RB M1 4150 single-plane intake manifolds available for sale that fit a Chrysler 440 with standard (not Max Wedge) cylinder head ports:

1. A very nice used intake for $220 shipped in the lower 48 U.S. states
- No stripped carb screw holes
- MINOR casting cleanup on some port exits done by a previous owner, but otherwise "unmolested"

2. A new-in-box intake for $270 shipped in the lower 48 U.S. states
- This is probably the last one that was available from any MP dealer in the U.S., according to The Chicago Connection from where I purchased it new; this popular intake is no longer available new from any source I can find
- I pulled it out of the box to verify the correct intake was sent, then I put it back in the box

Picture(s) of both intakes attached show the new intake on the left.

Payment by cash (naturally), or USPS money orders. Sorry, I'm no longer accepting PayPal, nor will I do international shipping.

NOTE: If you live close enough for pickup in Northern Virginia, subtract $20 from the listed price since I won't have to ship the part.

PM me here, or call / text me at (SEVEN-ZERO-THREE) THREE-ONE-SEVEN "-" SEVEN-NINE-EIGHT-SEVEN (Washington, DC, metro area & Eastern Standard time).

M1 RB 4150 Intakes_1.JPG

M1 RB 4150 Intakes_2.JPG
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