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200 4R Govornor operation

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 9:43 pm
by clay
I have a question about how the govornor controls pressure. I have searched around and haven't really found anything on specific operation of a govornor and what each component (light weight, heavy weight, springs, etc.) does. I think I understand there is a balancing act between TV pressure and govornor pressure to control shift timing. Line pressure control I can understand be it TV cable or modulator controlled. Govornor pressure control eludes me - especially the 200 4R setup. Obviously it only controls the exhaust of fluid or dumping pressure. Heavy weight seats it's ball first and then far as I can tell that's it for its operation so maybe it controls the 1 - 2 shift. However the light weight's ball can still be pushed open until rpm picks up so 2 - 3 shift maybe? However - how does it control the 3 - 4 shift? Once rpm picks up enough to seat both balls does a higher pressure get applied for each shift to put the weights back into play? Since both weights / balls are on a common passage it really throws me off seeing how one weight by itself can do anything. It looks like the large weight would be useless as the light weight would always unseat first. Very confusing right now. I haven't gotten into springs yet and I'm not sure at all what they contribute to the situation but would like to know that too. Thanks for any info. Clay

Re: 200 4R Govornor operation

Posted: Wed May 10, 2017 2:04 pm
by 77cruiser
The shift valves are smaller & it takes more gov. pressure to move it. You are right about how the gov. works the faster it turns the more pressure acting on the balls creating higher gov. pressure.
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