Power Glide Problem slipping maybe

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Power Glide Problem slipping maybe

Post by drifter » Sat Sep 16, 2006 11:08 pm

I have a pg trans i am not to sure whats all done to it but i do know i has 176 gear set with a harden shaft and i was told a Pro trans brake valve body (brand is unknown) I was told its a pro brake because i have to hold the trans brake button to backup when its in reverse.

First question if i am in Low and i try and move the car it seems fine If i but it into reverse and hold the button to backup i have to rev the car alot more for it to backup and it seems like it slipping while i say that becasue it seems like i have to rev it up alot more then when i go forward. Is This normal???

Second I have only ran the car 4 times and i was leaving on the chip @ 3000 rpm and i went a 1.25 60 foot this time out i tried a 3000 chip again and it went a 1.28 60 foot so my next pass i put a 4000 chip in and it went a 1.31 and i didn't feel it spin and the run was slower so i am wondering if my reverse is slipping mabey forward gears are also? What do you think

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Post by Transman » Tue Sep 19, 2006 10:48 pm

Do you have the correct governor support/tin plate/gasket at the back of the case? If not, you may be losing reverse circuit pressure. You need to use the later (post '66) support with the tin plate under it, and then the correct gasket between the tin plate and case itself. If you need help you can PM or email me and I'll walk you though what to look for.
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