Powerglide Stresss

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Powerglide Stresss

Post by Gary 540 » Sun Jan 29, 2006 7:53 am

Hi All, I have a POWERGLIDE can someone please tell me if I have a restrictive oil cooler will it restrict flow or pressure to the auto or converter ?
I have been told that if a cooler line gets a kink in it won’t make any difference to flow or pressure because of an internal bypass ?
I have been told conflicting stories on this and don’t know who to believe ?
I have excess stall speed and after 3 converters and the box fully stripped 3 times by 2 different Auto Builders I still have about 1000 / 1300 RPM Excess stall speed and very poor drive.
It is a full manual Glide with Trans brake, converted to Turbo input shaft, bushed converter.

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powerglide stress

Post by Jerry ARNOLD » Sun Jan 29, 2006 5:29 pm

The cooler line on a PG trans returns the fluid to the rear of the trans for lubrication at the tailshaft area. Pluging or restricting this line will in no way effect the stall speed of the converter.
Some racing trans suppliers will modify the trans and plug the cooler lines but you generaly should at lest run a loop in the cooler line.
I think you have a leak in the feed to the converter someware by the modification to the turbo shaft.
Jerry Arnold

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