Cams and lifters -- where are they made?


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Cams and lifters -- where are they made?

Post by MikeB » Sun Oct 07, 2018 12:32 pm

It's not uncommon on other forums to see threads about where cams & lifters are made. So my questions for those of you in the know are:

Does Camshaft Machine Company still cast their cores in the USA? And are there other companies that do it?
Which companies actually grind their own cams? (I'm aware of Jones and other small companies grinding in-house, and I think Crane.)
And for those who don't grind their own cams, who are the suppliers?
Are most lifters made overseas? Mexico or China or both?

I do know from my limited experience that some cams (Crane and Jones) simply look nicer than others -- casting and machining. And some (Jones for sure) measure 100% on spec, while others (CompCams in one case) can be a few degrees and a few thousands off. Have also seen two (count 'em) Lunati cams that had porous lobes! That was back when Holley owned them, if that had anything to do with it.


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Re: Cams and lifters -- where are they made?

Post by gunt » Sun Oct 07, 2018 1:24 pm

Well I'm dealing on the other side of the world and have used crane and some other US cams , mainly say import market . I had a serious pain in the hold over a cam a few years ago only to find out that several companies [ cam manufactures ] had the same problem as it seamed they all bought cores from the same China suppler . the cams twisted and the lobes would be inside or outside 90deg

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